The Power of a Lipstick Transformation

Lipstick is life!


To those who know me.. you guys clearly know that I’m into lipsticks (any formula/color) name it.. I prolly have it. This is why on this blog post, I will compare 2 lipsticks – different formula and brand to show the power of a lipstick transformation.

Dramatic like that!

A liquid lip colour that is perfect in giving you that blurry matte finish. It is weightless but very pigmented and gives a good hydration. It has a whipped mousse-like texture that leaves your lips/skin powdery after application.

Shade : Sorry Not Sorry. A moment of silence to its frozen-like packaging 👏

It’s like a cushion with powdery matte finish but it is so hydrating and weightless, you’d forget you have lipstick on. It evenly spreads the colour without making your lips feel sticky or tacky. The applicator is the real magic here. You can either make it orangey nude to…

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