The Power of Knowing Your True Colors

I am so interested with that Dior Lip Glow Oil since lipstick for me is life. Anyway, all the products mentioned are so nice and awesome. Thank you Ms. Japs for those beauty tips and for giving us more inspirations! God bless you more!


Color – when it’s in the right place and paired with the right color, it will complement the overall makeup look! ♥️ Today we will discuss why colors on the lips and face matter and what works best based on your undertone.

Do you know how important it is to choose the correct concealer shade? This is why when I found out my accurate undertone, I immediately looked for a better and lighter shade of foundation AND concealer.

The best concealers cover discolorations, lighten dark areas, disguise blemishes, and work in tandem with your foundation to look flawless and have a perfect skintone.

How to choose the perfect concealer shade for you? Know your undertone first then find your perfect foundation shade. Afterwards, look for the same number of concealer but it should have a warmer undertone. Meaning if your shade is 2 Cool undertone, find a 2 Neutral…

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